The NEXT LEVEL of Skincare

If I’m going to be honest with you. I’ve written and rewritten this blog post for what feels like a billion times now. I’ve really been struggling to put my opinion into words. Yes, that’s really not like me…. I’m one of the most vocal people ~ever~ when it comes to talking about things I’m passionate about and/or love.

So here it goes… Attempt 490384984

* Please note I was sent this product to review but my opinion has not been influenced in any way*

A small number of weeks ago I was lucky enough to receive a delivery from Clarisonic, who’d sent me one of their facial cleanser brushes to try out and review. Being someone who clearly has not got the greatest skin in the world (As you may already know considering I have mentioned it a thousand times throughout my blog posts. I’m sorry,) This was a super super exciting thing to receive. I had actually looked into these brushes before, but actually steered myself away from them because of the price –¬†BIG Mistake. Yes the cleanser brushes from Clarisonic are not exactly the cheapest things in the world….

But their price ~in my opinion~ is definitely justifiable, considering just how great they are.

I received the Clarisonic “Alpha Fit” device and have used it every day since it arrived. Since I began using it I’ve already seen such a huge improvement in my skin. What used to be a bumpy little mess has actually really calmed down. My cheeks are now actually completely smooth, the only bumps being new blemishes that appear.
I’ve noticed that any new blemishes do not last that long and are usually typically gone overnight (which for me is a huge difference compared to what I’m used to)
Obviously by no means is my skin perfect now, but it’s a damn sight better than how it has been.

Since I’ve began using this product I’ve seen possibly the biggest change in my skin EVER, and had I known the results would be this good, I’d never have thought twice about buying one when I first discovered them. There are a bunch of different devices and brush heads, each designed specifically for different people and different skin types. My best advice would be to have a look on the website, or ask a store consultant / dermatologist which would be best for you!

Check out the Clarisonic devices HERE