Things To Do On Summer Break

So for some of us the Summer Break is already here and for others it’s quickly approaching. I sometimes find myself sitting around during the summer, the extra free time leaving me with nothing to do. I thought i’d share with you some ideas which you could try and incorporate into your free time this summer, I know I will be.

Practice a hobby.
Summer is the perfect time to work on developing some new skills, practicing a hobby, whether it be a new one or an old one; and using the time to do something productive which will actually be likely to benefit you in the long run…. I can imagine you’re thinking something along the lines of, ‘but I want to just relax in the Summer’, well practicing hobbies and skills doesn’t necessarily have to be something which takes up all of your time and effort, but with a little bit of dedication you could realize you’ve picked up a hobby you really like, or a skill which is helpful to have in life.

Experiment with your style.
Having a long break away from your usual environment gives you plenty of time to change things, play around with your appearance, develop your own personal style and see what new things work for you. This can sometimes be a daunting thing but it also can potentially open lots of doors and you may find something which you feel works for you.

Travel your local area.
If you’re like me and don’t necessarily get around that often, I imagine there are so many different places within walking / driving / bus distance from where you live. Summer is a great time to just pack a bag with some food, grab a portable phone charger and explore the various places around you. If you follow me on Snapchat you’d have seen that I wen’t exploring some caves and a forest with Jake and some friends; so this is an idea that I’m definitley making the most out of the time and trying to go to as many places as I can.

Photography Journeys.
Photography Trips are a must for me this Summer and it’s something I would recommend that everyone does at least once this Summer. Go out and take some photographs of things which appeal to you, create a scrapbook and get creative!

What are some things which you like to do during the Summer, have you got any ideas which I could consider? Comment them below or message me them on Instagram.