Why I Love Blogging


When I say I’ve nearly been blogging for a year now it doesn’t really sink in. I mean, it doesn’t feel like it’s been that long, it only feels like yesterday I was setting up my blog, with a default blogger template and writing my first post.
The past year has brought me lots of changes, and also lots of changes to my blog have followed.
If you’ve been following my blog for a while you would have seen this, the evolution of my blog in multiple ways; through my design, my URL, and of course my content.
Up until today it had never really dawned on me just how much of a change there has been in my blog and blogging technique over all. I initially set up my blog with the intention of using it as a place to post and talk about my photography, but found that within the first month I was talking about multiple topics such as interior design and fashion. During the beginning I was never really certain about the type of content I wanted to be posting, I was never sure of how I wanted my blog to look and I didn’t really know at all how to stay consistent, each post was basically written in a very different style to the last and the amount of energy in my writing was much less prominent compared to how I feel it is now. 

Looking back at my old posts I have really changed the way I blog in general, my first post ‘Interior Obsession‘ was only one paragraph long, where as recently my posts have been much longer. In the past a blog post could take me just around ten minutes to write, where as now I can spend hours each day writing and formatting my posts.
I still have some little adjustments I’d love to make, such as buying a new camera to improve the quality of my photos. Battling my anxiety more so I can actually go out and take more photographs with me in them. Even little other things like posting more on my Youtube Channel.
I guess my pride in my blog has grown as the time as gone on and the more I have actually worked on it, the more obsessed I’ve become with blogging. I’ve constantly applied changes to my blog and content throughout the months of this last year, I’ve thrown money at templates, I’ve bought a new camera, I’ve changed the type of photos I post. Yet, the biggest changes have come since my relaunch at the end of August. The launch of ‘Jacob Blackwell 2,0’ as I call it, saw a drastic change in the way I wrote and formatted my posts. I’ve tried to make everything look just that little bit more editorial than it was before, I’ve been using more images and writing content which I am passionate about. I honestly couldn’t be any happier with my blog as it is currently, and I hope you guys are liking the way things are around here now too…. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again… I’ve always wanted to be a blogger, basically since I discovered blogging itself. Throughout my childhood I used to create little magazines and give them to my parents, I’d spend my time writing out different content and designing the pages to my hearts content. I’m a naturally creative person and blogging is a passion which I feel has always been within me and a passion I love expressing here with you all on my blog.