Nature is Beautiful!

This year I’ve made it my mission to spend more time outside, exploring new places that are right on my doorstep. I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not very active. I can be very lazy, sometimes spend entire days in bed without even thinking of getting out. However when I choose to be, I can be one of the most adventurous and productive people in the world. I’ve always discussed how I want to spend more time out and about – last year in fact I published a blog post dedicated to how I want to be outside during the summer (a post, admittedly a little similar to this one.) Last year however I definitely did not act upon my desires last year.

Exploring is good for the soul

Whilst I’ve already been acting upon this this year – Exploring local places such as the Llangollen canal and this beautiful forest shown in the pictures throughout this post. I want to explore even further.
Right on my doorstep there’s plenty of places to explore, lots of forests to wander, lots of mountains to climb and lots of rivers to follow. This year I am going to see them all.

I want to explore for a combination of reasons:

To improve my fitness

As I said, I’m not the most active of people. I wouldn’t exactly call myself a “gym person”, my idea of exercise is definitely a walk in the woods as oppose to an hour or so on the treadmill.

For photography

It’s no secret that I love taking photographs. If you follow my Instagram you’ll see that I am constantly posting photographs. I love capturing memories and taking photographs of pretty things – and what’s prettier than I sunset view from a mountain?

To give myself a break

I’m constantly thinking about multiple projects. Whether it’s college deadlines, work deadlines or my content schedule, there’s always something on my mind. Being out in the open is the perfect breath of fresh air that always seems to wipe away my worries. I opt to live in the moment and embrace the world around me rather than on my laptop.