Why I’ve Taken A Break From Youtube

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Why I haven’t uploaded a second Youtube video to my channel yet.


reating a Youtube Channel was something I wanted to do for quite a long period of time, and when I posted my first Youtube video the other month I got quite a good reception back from it from everyone who watched it. Honestly, Youtube is still something I passionately want to do, but it’s something I want to do right! You could say I’m a little bit of a perfectionist, and let’s just say I wasn’t happy with any of the ideas that I came up with for videos. Fussiness aside there are more reasons I just haven’t uploaded a new video…. Anxiety had been one of those reasons; as I mentioned before my original video with Jake got quite a good reception, and despite how badly I want to carry on making videos and start to grow my channel, I’ve been a little bit too anxious to actually sit down and record one, partly because I’ve only recently started college, made friends with new people, some of which have viewed my blog and may still read it today, and i’m slightly nervous as to what the expectation or reaction from these new people might be if I began uploading weekly videos. Whilst it may sound like a small reason to quit something I want to do so much, it is a reason which repeatedly pops up in my mind, but it is something which I want to tackle. This has always been the case for quite a few situations and opportunities, not just Youtube. It took me a while to adjust to the idea of people I know reading my blog… But as I said it’s something I’m going to work on and tackle as I’m really not the kind of person to shy away from things I want.

I can’t exactly say when I’m going to have a new video out, but there will be one soon, so bare with me!