Yes or No

It’s been a little while since I sat down and wrote a ‘wordy’ blog post, once again, my hectic life has gotten in the way and I’ve found myself just trying to post near enough anything to keep my blog active and updated. Since receiving such positive feedback, messages and emails from my Positivity post,  I felt now was a really suitable time in my life to write another little motivation post.

The topic I wanted to write about today is a little technique which I feel everyone needs to include in their life a little. The technique of “Yes or No.”

The Yes or No technique is my simple way of deciding my outlook and the end outcome of basically any situation which faces me in life, for example; I have always had subtle anxiety over so many different things regarding social media. I used to literally not post pictures of myself anywhere because I was overcome with fear of being judged or mocked (that may sound silly to some people, but it’s an issue which lots of people face) this took me a while to get over and it wasn’t until 2014 when I actually posted a picture of myself on Facebook for the very first time.

Recently I was faced with a similar sort of situation, I was extremely anxious to post a video on my Snapchat story of me talking to the camera… This is where the “Yes or No” theory comes into action… It takes some practice, but with time it gradually becomes easier; in your head you have to make the decision about the outcomes from a situation and the feelings it causes, then decide whether they actually matter to you or will badly impact your life, before deciding “Yes or No”.

In the end, I decided “No”, that posting it would not have any bad impact on my life, well any impact at all really; and that it didn’t matter to me what people thought! Applying this technique to anything you are weary about really helps to put everything into perspective and make it much simpler to decide whether to do something or not.

So why not give it a try, next time you are uncertain about something stop and think about the outcomes and make that simple decision, “Yes” or “No.”