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Chester Gems: The Jaunty Goat

The Jaunty Goat: A Cosy Coffee Spot

Photography: Jake

This week I found myself spending some time in Chester, the cute Tudor style city that I've visited repeatedly an endless number of times! Jake, myself and some friends spent the day consuming food and chatting before heading home in the rain. Hoping to avoid some of the 5pm traffic Jake and I found ourselves wandering the streets searching for a coffee shop to kill some time - and wow were we lucky. We stumbled across The Jaunty Goat and almost instantly fell in love. The cosy appearance combined with a large number of plants was more than enough to draw us inside.

Not only was the aesthetic within the coffee shop all I'd ever dreamt of... (honestly, this is exactly how I want my bedroom to look.) The coffee was also extremely good! I opted for a latte and Jake opted for a hot chocolate. We spent an hour or so sat at the back, tucked away amongst the foliage, chatting and taking countless photos and sipping on lemon water! There was a delicious looking collection of cakes that sadly we didn't try - not to mention the most INSANE looking red velvet cake.

It's safe to say that The Jaunty Goat has secured a spot in my list of all time favourite cafes and I really can't wait to return! Check out their website ⇢here ⇠