Breathe || Relieving Stress ….

Ohhh myyyy, I have had a busy week.
It’s been one of those ‘rushed off my feet’, ‘too much to do and too little time’ kinda weeks. It’s been the type of week which has gotten me really worked up, stressed and tired and now all I want is for it to be over and to get three whole days worth of sleep…..

One thing that this week has made me realise is that, truth be told, I don’t always take my own advice. I’ve written countless posts about time management and how it’s always ALWAYS best to get tasks done as soon as possible. Yet I just seemed to ignore everything I’ve ever said, and left possibly the biggest homework task I’ve ever had until the day before. I’ve had a combined amount of 9 hours sleep in the last two days, and I’m definitely ready to sit back and do nothing over the weekend.

I’m shattered, but it had to be done.

I thought I’d take the time today to write a(nother?) blog post filled with useful little tips and ways to help you manage stress, especially during times when you’re under pressure or have a suuuuper small time limit to complete a hugeeeee task (a bit like me.)

Evaluate //

As big and stressful as something may seem, often we have a habit of blowing them waaaaay out of proportion. When there’s something that is beginning to cause me stress, I tend to like to try to step back a little and just try to see how important it really is. – is the thing going to have a huge impact on my life? are there serious consequences? More often than not I tend to realise that not everything is as much of a big deal as what I make it out to be.

Organise //

Getting everything together can really change your outlook on a task. Whether you’re organising things needed for a task, or just organising your time…. It’s always great to get on top of things.
I have probably mentioned countless times about the benefits of buying a diary to plan out your weeks. I recently picked up these two little stationery products from Sainsburys. The weekly planner is the perfect way to jot down what needs to be done and on what day. To do lists are a great little way to jot down the most important things to get done each day. I personally find that once I’ve written down and identified what I need to do, I tend to get the task complete much sooner and get a helllllla lot less stressed about it.

You time You time You time //

Whether I’m in the middle of a stressful task, or if I’m just stuck in that little “oh no I have so much to do” phase… I take time to do what I want and what will make me happy. and you should too! No matter how stressful something may be it’s really not worth compromising your own happiness for. When you feel the time is right, and you are able to pause and take a break, do it (!!!)
Do something that you love, spend time with people you like and take your mind away from the stress as best as you can.

I always find that when I’m super stressed about something, taking a step back and spending a little time away from it helps me to complete it (and usually much better than I would’ve otherwise.)


What are some tips you would share with others to help them destress?

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