February Favourites // Skincare Favourites

For the last two months more so than ever before I’ve really been using a whole bunch of new products. I say “more than before” because I’ve realised I’m a very routine loving person. If I find products that I like or that work well for me, I tend to stick to them and not really try anything new! As I said this month I’ve really been expanding my horizons and trying out lots of new products, purely to see the effect they’d have and if I’d like them. In the last couple of months I’ve really primarily been focusing on trying out a bunch of new skincare products, which is why this favourites post is going to literally consist of skincare products (I hope you don’t mind too much.) Everything which I’m going to mention in this post has been purchased with my own money and all of the opinions are purely my own!

Anyway enough with my rambling and lets actually get to talking about some products!

February Favourites

February Favourites

Those Neutrogena products//

So firstly I “HAVE” to mention basically every Neutrogena product I spoke about before – here. These products have actually changeddd myyy lifeee. I mean don’t get me wrong they haven’t instantly cured all of my skin issues, and I wasn’t expecting them to. They have however really upped the quality of my skin (is that the right phrase? I don’t know…) what I mean is that since I’ve began using these products my skin has felt AMAZING. It’s began feeling so much smoother, so much softer and so much healthier than it has in the past. Not to mention the fact that the pink grapefruit scent is literally the most beautiful thing. I genuinely couldn’t recommend a set of skin care products more than the Neutrogena products I’ve used. Admittedly, I have actually stopped using the facial wipes which I mentioned in my Neutrogena haul. Purely for the reason that I haven’t managed to get out and pick up any more.

February Favourites

L’oreal facial toner//

I’ve never really had much luck before with toners. The last few I’ve used have either just not really ‘worked’ for me, or have broken me out. I recently picked up this L’oreal toner from Sainsburys and literally since day one of using it I have seen almost instant changes in my skin. I think this is probably the product, alongside my new moisturiser which has transformed the way my skin feels. The ‘velvety-soft toner’ definitely lives up to its name. As I said my skin has become so so so so soft its unreal!

February Favourites

Mario Badescu Whitening Mask//

If you have been reading my blog for a little while you’ll have seen me talk about some of the Mario Badescu products before – here. I do still use both of the products I mentioned in that post, particularly the drying lotion as it’s probably my go-to overnight saviourrrr! Another little product I’ve recently tried out is the Whitening Mask.
The whitening mask is a face mask designed to gradually reduce the appearance of acne scars and even out your skin tone. As someone who does suffer with acne, I do suffer with scarring and actually have quite a lot of them across my face, more scars than active acne itself. I stumbled across this product whilst browsing online for ways to reduce the appearance of scars and instantly ordered one after reading a number of different reviews. Whilst I can’t comment on the long-term effect the mask has on my skin just yet, I can actually already say that since I’ve began using it I have already noticed some little improvements! So if you’re someone who is struggling with scarring on your face this is definitely a skincare product you should check out!

February Favourites

What are some products you’ve been loving recently? Do you have any go to skincare products? Comment below or tweet me @jaacobblackwell!

  • I just love skin care! Have you tried any of the Origins line? Check out my post about my skin care 🙂 My fav is my moisturizer! Love your post.

    • noo i actually haven’t, i’ve breifly heard that it’s meant to be quite a good line of products though? I definitely will have to check your post out! could you tweet me the link?