Style Diaries: Hilfiger Tee

This summer, amongst the hundreds of other things I am planning, or at least trying to get done: one of the primary objectives that is finally beginning to take motion is…. Buying some new clothes to re-fill my wardrobe. I have been planning on expanding my wardrobe for a little while now, don’t get me wrong, I have bought new pieces. However everything I’ve picked up has been near enough the same as everything I already had, and nothing that I bought really screamed ‘WOW’.
That was at least… up until now (!!)

Excuse the fact that the only photographs I have to show you are grainy selfies. I’ve really been pushed for time and unable to get out and take some snazzy outfit images (sorry.) Not all my outfit photographs will be like this, I promise!

But anyway… This week Jake gave me a little gift, and I am OBSESSED!

This Tommy Hilfiger tee 

The top is super super comfortable, and lightweight making it the perfect summer tee!

I thought I would create a new little segment on my blog; so for the entire summer I’m going to be documenting all my new style buys in a ‘Style Diaries: *Insert title*’ sort of fashion. (Hopefully you get what I mean!)
I’m going to share all my new buys, and hopefully providing you all with links either to the item I’m wearing or to something similar.

Are you expanding your summer wardrobe? What are some brands you’d recommend checking out?

Shop more Tommy Hilfiger 

  • I wanna expand my wardrobe but I literally have no money lmaoo. Loved this blog post, I like your style xx

    • I know how you feel 🙂 x I tend to just buy things every so often when I have the money to spare (which is probably why I haven’t done a very good job at expanding my wardrobe so far haha) Thank you so much x

  • cherri

    I love this t-shirt!! I have been totally into Tommy Hilfiger recently and i’m not too sure why haha! I have been trying to expand my wardrobe for summer by buying more colours and patters as opposed to my usual blacks and whites haha!

    • I actually only own this one T-shirt from Tommy Hilfiger but I am definitely planning on getting more so I understand why you love the brand! Everythigs sooooo nice.
      And I’m the same, trying to expand away from black for a while haha x