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My Homesense Autumn Favourites 🍂

It's the best time of the year - am I right? Autumn is nearly here and I am beyond excited for it. The thought of darker evenings, countless hot chocolates and all the autumn movies send me into a crazy whirlwind of happiness. However, what really gives me all the autumn feels is autumnal decor. I was SO happy to walk into Homesense / TKMaxx the other day, to notice that they have begun rolling out their autumn and Halloween decor. If you're following me over on Instagram  @jaacobblackwell, then you will have already seen my autumn favourites from both these stores. However, if you're not then I thought I'd share them with you today!


Okay, let's start off with my absolute favourite 'must-have' autumn product. Autumnal scented candles! There were SO many candles available that it would have taken me a long time to open and smell them all. I love the autumn colours and each of the candles that I did actually smell, smelt delicious! I am definitely looking forward to purchasing as many of these as I can and transforming my apartment into autumn scented heaven.

Some personal favourites

Not only do both of these candles smell AMAZING, but they also look extremely cute! I really love the design on the lids in particular. 

Out of all the candles in the Homesense autumn collection so far I have only purchased one. I picked up the DW Home Pumpkin Spice Latte scented candle. I bought this candle for two reasons in particular... It smells insanely delicious and looks so cute. (I love the lid design especially) 


I have never actually purchased plastic pumpkins before, and I'm extremely excited about the idea of placing them everywhere I can possibly fit one in the flat. I love the glass pumpkins and skeleton embellished ones a little too much. 


Okay so, you may or may not know that I am a 'mug-o-holic.' By that I mean I have a minor addiction to mugs. Jake and I often pop into TK Maxx / Homesense with the sole intention of searching out new Rae Dunn mugs to add to our collection. (Can I just add, the Rae Dunn Halloween mugs from last year are my favourite things ever.) This time around however neither stores seem to have any Rae Dunn pieces in stock, but that didn't stop me from admiring this super adorable cat mug — It may not have been designed to be autumnal, but I personally tie it into this category? Anybody else?

Keep your eyes on my Youtube Channel towards the end of the month for a full Autumnal homeware haul!