Effectively Using Instagram



My tips and tricks for making the most out of Instagram and having a nice looking account


I’ve always loved Instagram, it’s the one app on my phone that I literally spend most of my time on. If you’re following me on there you’ll probably have noticed that recently more than ever I’ve been posting a lot of pictures, probably a few too many… But I’m currently in the process of trying to redesign and rediscover my Instagram theme. Honestly you could say that I’m a little bit too fussy when it comes to how my Instagram account looks, but like a self confessed perfectionist would say ‘if it’s not right, it really annoys me.’ That’s true for me in this case, I really can’t stand having an Instagram account without some sort of pattern or consistency to help make sure everything flows. Am I happy with my account at the minute? No, not really. I’m so indecisive about it right now that I keep finding myself posting and deleting images like there’s no tomorrow.
Not everyone uses Instagram in the same way which I do, as a blogger Instagram is a massive platform for me, where I can share content related to my blog and other images as well, I also use the platform to connect with my readers and followers on a regular basis, whether it be through direct messaging or just comments on my photos. Therefore, because Instagram is such a vital part of my blog and online identity I tend to take it more seriously than what others might; so if like me you’re a blogger looking to make the most out of Instagram or just someone who likes having a pretty looking account, you’ve come to the right place for all the tips and tricks you’ll need to just tidy everything up around the edges.
I’ve done a post similar to this one in the past, and I know what you might be thinking… “How can there possibly be more things to consider?” Well, in my opinion a good looking Instagram feed does not just necessarily mean having a consistent colour scheme… It’s all about composition, framing, consistent post styling and scheduling, and these are just some of the things I’m going to start to talk about here.

Composing the perfect picture

Since I started studying photography in college I’ve learnt quite a bit more about composition and how to tell if an image looks good or if it doesn’t. When taking images for your Instagram account you want to try and make sure only the important things and the appealing things are in the shot. What I mean by this is, you don’t want to try and take a photo of a beautiful sunset and have a rubbish bin taking up the whole lower left corner of your shot, it just completely ruins everything.

Quality Counts

Taking and posting one beautiful image looks so much better than posting lots of not so great looking, low quality photographs. If you can try and take images on the best quality device you have whether it’s a camera or just your phone, and really try and make use of the features.
What I mean is, if you’re using a DSLR to take your photographs for Instagram make the most of the Aperture and Shutter Speed settings.
Aperture is the control of how much light enters your camera, and is measured in F-Stop’s. Having a low F-Stop is going to give your photo a shallow depth of field, meaning the focus is going to be on one thing in particular and the rest of the image is going to be out of focus, or blurred out if you’d like to call it that. Photographs where the photographer has used a low F-Stop look so much better in my opinion than a photo with too much going on in the background. It’s also in my opinion, okay to craft your Instagram feed using images collected from the internet, some people don’t like this, others don’t mind, but using an image from somewhere else doesn’t do any harm, unless of course it’s copyrighted.

Consistency & Patterns

There’s a lot more to staying ‘consistent’ on Instagram than just picking a colour to run throughout your account, and you can keep up an Instagram account without necessarily just picking one colour scheme to stick to. Some of my favourite accounts on Instagram all completely vary from each other and draw my attention to them for different reasons. A friend of mine named Nicole has an Instagram account which consists of a mix of black and white and coloured images and it’s the pattern and consistency of the theme which I love so much about it. There are other accounts which consist of primarily white images such as Jake’s account, and then various others with and without colour schemes also. Whatever you choose to do with your account, it’s the actual up-keeping of that thing which matters in my opinion, and what I mean by that is; it’s pointless posting primarily white images to throw a bright blue one directly in the middle, it’s pointless typically shooting Flat-lay images and portraits to throw one landscape image that doesn’t suit the theme in alongside everything. Pick something you like and that you feel represents you and your interests and stick to it. If you want to change it up, the change has either got to be so different it’s clear to tell when it’s happened, or you need to post separator images, if you’re not deleting all your images and starting again. Take my account for an example, I have gone through countless different themes and styles on my Instagram and since setting it up last year when I created my blog I have posted and deleted what feels like thousands of photographs. If you look on my account at the minute the first view able image is from the 20th of October and all the others before it are non existent, this is because I just don’t like how it looks mixing all the different themes together, but I do only delete my photographs if it’s necessary. Since I began writing this post the other day I’ve actually deleted the images I’d posted and began a new theme, one which this time I’m happy with and like, but haven’t deleted my previous images as the change is that drastic there is a clear contrast between the new themes. It’s just whatever works for you personally, but is the tidiest as possible.


Being active on Instagram is important, but if you want to take it to the next level, try sticking to a schedule… By this I don’t necessarily mean post at the exact same times every day, but maybe decide that on Tuesday’s you’ll post twice, Wednesday’s once etc… Having a full, active account is a great way to keep your followers engaged.
To take it even further, if needed; convert your account to a business account and make the most of Instagram’s insight’s feature, you’ll be able to see the times and days your followers are most active, what your most liked images are and how large of an audience you reach, amongst many other things. If you use these things to your advantage you can really get ahead of the game.

What are some of your Instagram techniques and tips? Comment them below or contact me on social media!
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